Why Arc

Why Arc


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  • It gives a good full screen view -> feels like youtube is a separate application.

  • Always i want to use up the whole space of the screen - now its been a relief to not see the loaded tab

  • helps me to be organised.

  • They got picture in picture inbuilt (You can see the videos on popup)

  • I can keep meeting on picture to picture with actions keys. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • I doubted on their developer friendliness, I should stop hyping. They are pretty decent.

  • Downloads popups

  • Ctrl + Tab (Recent Tabs)

    • Pros: Common Tab switch UI.

    • Cons: It shows only last 5 tabs.

  • So far, It handle my heavy load of tabs.

Let me see how far ARC can survive.